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Products Name: Epichlorohydrin

Appearance: Clear colorless liquid without mechanical impurity.

Molecular Weight: 92.52.

CAS No: 106-89-8.

UN No: 2023.

Packing: Tank or 200kgs drum.

Molecular Formula: C3H5ClO.

Application: 1. Mainly for producing epoxy resin, synthetic glycerin, epichlorohydrin rubber, nitroglycerine explosives, glass fiber reinforced plastics and electrical insulation products.

2. Widely used in the chemical industry, light industry, transportation,medicine, electronics and other fields.

3. It also can be used as solvent for cellulose ester, resin and celluose ether and the raw material of poasticizer, stabilizer, surfactant and chloroprene rubber.

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