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Potassium Formate

Products Name: Potassium Formate

Molecular Formula: HCOOK.

Molecular Weight: 84.12.

CAS NO: 590-29-4.

EINECS NO: 209-677-9.

Properties: The product of potassium formate liquid is colorless and clear, density of saturated solution is 1.58 g/cm3; and the product of potassium formate solid is white crystal, strong moisture-absorbing performance, reducing, density 1.9100g/cm3, easily soluble in water, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

Use: 1. It is extensively used in oil field industry as drilling fluid with excellent performance; 2. As the camouflage acid in the leather industry; 3. As reducing agent in print and dyeing industry; 4. As road snow-dissolved agent, early strength agent of cement paste, and in carbon black manufacture, leaf fertilizer and other industries.

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