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Propylene glycol

Various numbers:CAS RN.:57-55-6   EINECS:200-338-0

Usage:PG is unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin, the main raw material of polyurethane resin. In food, medicine and cosmetics industry are widely used as a hygroscopic agent, antifreeze, lubricants and solvents, in the food industry is a good solvent, spices and pigments in medicine in the production of various types of ointment, gel solvent, softener and excipients, etc., propylene glycol and various spices has good solubility, which is also used as a solvent and cosmetics, etc., softener can also be used as a tobacco humidification agent and moisturizing agent, fungicide, food processing equipment lubricating oil and food labeling ink solvent, propylene glycol aqueous solution is effective antifreeze agent, it is also a kind of plasticizer, surface active agent, food emulsifying agent and demulsifier, fruit ripening agent, preservative, hygroscopic agent, lubricant, antifreeze raw materials.

 Fire-fighting Measures:The use of capacitive foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder, sand and fire. Keep the container cool with water if necessary. 

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